Regards Cottage

Once, I was in college. Care-free days, though exams and projects may spoil your day but still you are free to chose your own pace.
And then there was Regards Cottage, when I entered that forgotten kingdom there were only six of us-Lybert, Manuel, Carlo, Dennis, Clem, and yours truly. We were all kings nestled  in our small palaces. The cottage used to be so clean then, as you enter the kingdom the shining floor would greet you and invite you to come and see the inside of the kingdom, and then there was this dark hallway. We’re living in poverty at that time,not able to buy a bulb. So we just memorize the path leading to our rooms-our palaces. At first, it was difficult. I’m not used to trying to see things that can’t be seen. But once you’ve entered your 2.5 m x 2.5 m palace, it’s a great relief. By then, you will be able to take off your shoes, change clothes, fix the pillows, plunge into the velvety embrace of your bed and experience a deep 2 hours sleep. A great relief after all the tortures of the classrooms!

Now, I miss Regards. I miss all those terrorizing moments in school and the relaxing moments in our cottage. I miss those people who reigned along with me. I miss it all but I need to go on.q1


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