The Missing Account of Jesus’ Life by Quincy J.L Ondona

A friend from forum had asked this question.

Mga Sis og Mga Bro,

Pwede ko patabang ninyo sa ako pangutana kay dugay na gyud ko naglibug ani.

Unsa kaha nahitabo ni kristo human siya nakiglantugi sa mga pariseo sa templo, adto’ng panahuna, 9 years old iya edad. Nibalik iyang storya sa bible pagka 30 years old na niya, gi-ayo niya ang buta ug naghimo siya ug vino sa kasal didto sa cana.

Asa kaha siya from 10 years old hangtod sa 29 years old iya edad? bali 19 years siya nawala.

Arun masumpay nato ang kinabuhi ni kristo sa dinhi pa siya sa kalibotan.

Kato’ng mga bible scholars, teologist, pastor, priest, reverend, layminister and laymen palihog kuno ko tubag ani. plzzz.

daghan salamat.

Sa pagbasa ko niining pangutanaha, naikag ako sa pagtubag. Ang artikulo sa ubos mao ang akoang tubag.

(YUNIX ang akong ngalan didto nga forum.)

Ang atong kaikag nga masayod sa mga tala sa kabataan ni Hesus mao siguro ang usa sa pinakadakong ebidensya sa “curiosity” sa mga tawo.

Bitaw pod no, if we are only careful readers of the Bible, we should notice this lacking account of Christ’s life. The question now would be, how did Christ lived His childhood? We want to know that since it is a common knowledge that it’s normal for us humans to have done a lot of stupid stuffs during our childhood. “Did Jesus, as fully human, experienced this kind of humanity?”

As interesting as it may seem, the Bible is silent.

However, we are not the only people filled up with such kind of curiosity nor this curiosity only surfaced in contemporary times. In order to fill up this missing piece of Jesus’ life, apocryphal gospels or pseudo-gospels were written in the early centuries to provide an account of Jesus’ early life. This collection of writings about Jesus childhood we now call the infancy narratives. One of these is the infancy narrative in the apocryphal gospel of Thomas.

The stories were surprising indeed, for some of these narratives often portray Jesus as a fearless and and carefree child who innocently gets into mischief that inexorably led to his playmates’ demise.The most common one is the cloud story.The child Jesus, wanting to play in the clouds, crawled into the sky on a sunbeam, but all of the playmates who followed him soon lost their faith and fell to their deaths. Another story tells of a child who cursed the channel that supplied water to the pools in which Jesus usually bathed, a tidal wave swept the boy away and cleared the channel. This other child is sometimes known as the “Judas Child.”
Some legends relate that these events worried the other children’s parents, who forbade them to play with Jesus. Another legend relates that once, when the child Jesus arrived in the town plaza to play, parents quickly hid their children in a large kiln-oven for shelter. The child Jesus, naturally well aware of this, inquired about his playmates’ whereabouts and was told all the children had left. When he asked what the noise coming from the large oven was he was told that pigs were being cooked. Jesus left and when the parents opened the oven doors, they found (according to which version of the story one heard) either uncooked squealing piglets or roasted children.
The stories created about the activities of the child Jesus were not all gruesome, and detail that even as a baby or child Jesus set out to do the Divine Will of his father, God. Other stories chronicle how even as an infant, Jesus’ smile could make the rain or storms end and the sun shine, or could heal the sick. Another story tells of how a baby that was dying was placed in a tub of his bathwater and was brought back to life, and that any child in his presence would not cry or fret.
(paragraphs in italics taken from wikipedia)

Some unconventional legends even have it that Jesus before declaring his mission went to the Far East and met Buddhist sages who influenced Him and his teachings. After His sojourns there, he went back to Palestine and began His public life where the Buddhist pacifist ideals were reflected in His teachings.

All of these stories are legends, even the one in the Gospel of Thomas.(The Gospel of Thomas is uncanonical.)

But here’s the question: Why are we asking these questions? Why do we want to know the stories of Jesus infancy and stories prior to His public life? What’s the motive behind it? Is it just out of curiosity, to feed our intellect, or just for the sake of knowing?

We should ask these questions because no matter how much we know and how far we know, but without the proper motive it’s useless. It won’t save you…!!!!

Why did the Bible only tell us about Jesus life when He was nine years old and not until He’s 30 years old? Is it the Bible’s purpose to withhold important and saving information from us?

John 21:25 (New International Version)

25Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.

But why skip the account of Jesus early life?

1 John 5:13 says, “These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God. “

Because the things written in the Bible were enough for us to be saved, nothing more, nothing less…The next thing there is how we respond to what is written, maybe this will define our life.


John 3:16

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”


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