Quincy Jones L. Ondona


Lord, I am human. I know, and I accept it with all my heart.

I am weak, I know, I accept it too.

I am limited, I know,

As Thy will have made me so.


But hear me, I pray

How could I fathom an infinite being like Thee?

My eyes can only behold Thy wonders

And my ears can only hear Thy voice

If I ask Thee myriad questions Lord,

Will answers be Thy choice?


Tell me, gracious Lord

The way to know Thee more

The more I ask, the more I do not know.

The more I know nothing, the more I ask for something.


How high is Thy wisdom, Lord?

How deep is Thy knowledge?

How far is Thy sight, Lord?

How near is Thy presence?


How good is Thy goodness, Lord?

How to make salvation sure?

I’m asking Thee this questions Lord

I want to know Thee more


And if my questions are naught, Lord

Pardon me, I prithee

Questions are being human, Lord

Just how you let me be.



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