The following article was my assignment in my formation class.


Quincy Jones L. Ondona

Based on my experience, there are two questions which I find difficult to answer:

First, when my girlfriend before asked, “Why do you love me?” I choked. Not because I don’t want to answer her but because I’m at loss for the rights words to say. It’s not the kind where saying “because you’re sweet” or “because you’re beautiful” would suffice everything. There must be a deeper reason, so deep that I can’t dig it.

Second, when my friends asked, “Why pursue the priesthood?” I just smiled, it’s not that I don’t have the reason; it’s just that I don’t know what reason is sufficient. I’ve tried answering them with, “because I want to serve God.” Did it convince them? Not so. They even countered me with, “Know what, there are many ways to serve God not just the priesthood.” But believe me, that’s just what I really feel.

I realized that the most difficult question to answer is the one that begins with why. But are there really other reasons why I’m pursuing the priesthood? Of course there are.

First, I have an intense passion for God’s Word. Well, I’m not the type of King Menelik of Ethiopia who literally consumed the Scriptures but I’m the type who finds consolation in reading it. I find achievement in memorizing and familiarizing passages and most of all I’ve tried my best to live its ideals. This may not be that profound a reason, but at least this interest is not so common among most folks.

Second, despite my “so serious” looks that dispel people, I find it enriching to be with ordinary folks. There were times that even as a child I would use to talk to a coconut climber and ask him about what a coconut climber’s life was. I made a friend of old people and I frequently talk to them. I find great interest to experience and learn from them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not nosy. Just think of an early pastoral experience.

Third, I want to preach. Well, I’m not a preacher yet so what I really did is share. I used to deliver talks during youth camps with the Youth for Christ before. In college, I helped establish a prayer group in our boarding house where I became its leader and did most of the sharing. I find it fulfilling to be able to inspire other people and also to learn from them.

Fourth, I have a great interest in Catholic apologetics. I do research to be able to defend the faith. I’ve read books about Catholic doctrine and I find it encouraging to engage in dialogues for the Catholic faith.

And lastly, I love the Church which my Lord Jesus Christ founded and it is my desire to offer my life into His service one day.

Now, if I’m going to lump up these entire interests into one, it will lead me to no other destination than the priesthood. These interests I did not choose on my own, they just came to me. Perhaps I am really for it, but who am I to be so sure about it? I ain’t somebody and I can’t tell the future.

But who knows these reasons could be sufficient for me to enter into His service?

For the meantime I’ll continue praying that it would be so.

Someday, somehow.


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