You may be surprised to see that in my list of favorite preachers, non-Catholic individuals are included. For sure, I do not agree with all that they teach, there are points in their teachings that I strongly resent. However, their manner of preaching, their zeal of preaching, their mastery of the Scriptures, their pragmatic teachings, the vastness of their knowledge, and the sharpness of their arguments are the contributory factors that made them my favorite.

Here comes my top five favorite preachers:



Zakaria Botros (b. 1934) is a Coptic priest from Egypt. He is a controversial figure in that country and throughout the Islamic world for his critiques of the Quran and other books of Islam. He currently resides in the United States.

Though he is little known in the West, Coptic priest Zakaria Botros — named Islam’s “Public Enemy #1” by the Arabic newspaper, al-Insan al-Jadid — has been making waves in the Islamic world. Along with fellow missionaries — mostly Muslim converts — he appears frequently on the Arabic channel al-Hayat (i.e., “Life TV”). There, he addresses controversial topics of theological significance — free from the censorship imposed by Islamic authorities or self-imposed through fear of the zealous mobs who fulminated against the infamous cartoons of Mohammed. Botros’s excurses on little-known but embarrassing aspects of Islamic law and tradition have become a thorn in the side of Islamic leaders throughout the Middle East.

Botros is an unusual figure onscreen: robed, with a huge cross around his neck, he sits with both the Koran and the Bible in easy reach. Egypt’s Copts — members of one of the oldest Christian communities in the Middle East — have in many respects come to personify the demeaning Islamic institution of “dhimmitude” (which demands submissiveness from non-Muslims, in accordance with Koran 9:29).

But the fiery Botros does not submit, and minces no words. He has famously made of Islam “ten demands,” whose radical nature he uses to highlight Islam’s own radical demands on non-Muslims.

The result? Mass conversions to Christianity — if clandestine ones. The very public conversion of high-profile Italian journalist Magdi Allam — who was baptized by Pope Benedict in Rome on Saturday — is only the tip of the iceberg. Indeed, Islamic cleric Ahmad al-Qatani stated on al-Jazeera TV a while back that some six million Muslims convert to Christianity annually, many of them persuaded by Botros’s public ministry. More recently, al-Jazeera noted Life TV’s “unprecedented evangelical raid” on the Muslim world.



Bro. Eli is the founder of the Members Church of God International and host of Ang Dating Daan, a religious program in question and answer format, in a segment popularly known as ITANONG MO KAY SORIANO. In this program he answers varied questions from the audience extemporaneously and spontaneously with the Bible within easy reach or for the most part with the Bible committed in memory. Questions thrown at him ranges from the unusual, the common and the silly but always sending the inquirers in silence and agreement after each response.

Bro. Eli can be asked by any person any question especially about the bible. And when he answers, he makes sure that there is a supporting verse with it. He always read the bible every time he answers. However, he is also a widely criticized figure because of his polytheistic theology, unorthodox stance, and fierce preaching style.

There are many teachings of Bro. Eli on Christian living (Christian living, not doctrines) that I have listened to that are so practical and Godly. The way he teaches these hit the bones.

Anyhow, I like his preaching style and there are many things that I’ve learned from him, although I disagree with many of his doctrines.



Bro. Soc as he is popularly called is a high-caliber Catholic apologist well-known in Cebu and in Mindanao. I’m not really sure but what I’ve heard is that he was a former Sabadista who converted to the Catholic faith. He entered the seminary and studied theology. He left the seminary after his studies, and is now a famous Catholic layman.

Prominent in his simplicity yet he has a pronounced dignity in his manner of speaking and acting. The legendary debater of the Catholic Church who strikes fear at the very heart of the enemies of the faith by his precise familiarity with Sacred Scriptures, encyclopedic mind and vast experience of apologetics throughout the years through regular weekly radio and tv programs plus public debates against various non-Catholic pastors-Mayor Soc Fernandez (currently, the Mayor of Talisay City-Cebu) .



Eugenio Isabelo Tomas Reyes Sanchez Jr. or widely known as Bo Sanchez is an author, entrepreneur, video podcaster, tv personality and Roman Catholic lay evangelist in the Philippines.

He was born on July 11, 1966 in Caloocan City to Eugenio and Pilar Sanchez. He started preaching at age 13 and wrote his first book at 20. He has published eleven bestselling books since then. In 2006 he was a recipient of The Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) award. He publishes a magazine known as “Kerygma”.

An effective preacher, he is good in playing with words, with a great sense of humor, very practical in his teachings, and Christ centered in his approach.



Pastor Ed Lapiz founded and heads the Day By Day Christian Ministries, a Bible-based Christian fellowship with communities and works of service in the Philippines, Japan, Pakistan and other West Asian countries, in Canada and the United States of America.

His radio preaching is aired over 17 national and regional stations in the Philippines covering more than 11 broadcast hours every day, some of which are aired worldwide by the Far East Broadcasting Company through the Internet. His Sunday messages are likewise accessible worldwide live through the Yahoo! Messenger Network..

Pastor Ed’s more than 1,900 audio and video recorded messages and more than 30 books, devotionals and Bible Study guides are available in the Philippines and abroad through innumerable bookstores and other distributors.

He is a good preacher characterized by his untiring explanations of every aspect of his teaching, his practical day to day examples, and great humor which attracts you to listen more to his teachings.



  1. You are wrong for you said that many of “HIS” doctrine.Bro. Eli Soriano only read in the Bible of all doctrines and it is came from our creator all his words is the words of our God,He only read the bible,please ask bro. eli if you want to know more about the doctrine and not only your opinion or in you mind

    1. me too 🙂 most of people cannot accept what is really written in the bible. The true doctrine of Jesus Christ with no more, no

    1. not excellent, He is a false prophet! He said that if you ask verses on the bible, you are truly the son of the devil??? He said that because He is afraid to ask questions regarding verses! in the bible says, ask a preacher if they are truly in God! He also prophesied a person will die on 2005, but that person he prophesied is still alive! How can this be in God?? a liar? and a liar goes to hell! And he prophesied that Gibo Teodoro will be the President of the Philippines, that who is our President?? its Pinoy!

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