Quincy Jones L. Ondona

When God created the heavens, the stars, the sun, the moon, the plants, the fishes, and the birds, He saw that it was good. On the sixth day, when God created the rest of the animals and finally man, God saw that it was very good. The Filipino version captures a deeper context of this goodness. When God made the former, “Siya ay nasiyahan.” When God made the latter, “Siya ay lubos na nasiyahan.”

What made God so happy with us human beings? Because we’re the only one created in his image. That’s why we are not of lower quality, hindi tayo basta-basta and the expression sapagkat ako’y tao lamang is not reflective of our real worth as human beings. We are not brittle, hindi totoo na ang tao’y marupok, we are not hapless because we are especially made in God’s image.

That is why Hitler was gravely wrong to suppose that the Aryan is the superior race and the Jews the inferior race. There is no such thing. We simply are different but we are never less human beings than the other. According to Plato, what makes human beings different from animals is our ability to distinguish the essentials in everything. Our quest for knowledge does not dwell on outer forms alone, we dig deeper, and we look on what is essential in a thing. We do not only stick our mind on the beauty of the flower rather we try to understand what real beauty is so that even if the beautiful flower is gone the idea of beauty still remains in our mind.

In the same way, we may differ in our looks, in our heights, in our eye colors, in our hair colors, and in our degrees of receding hairlines but that is not the essence of our being humans. More than that, we are people, seedbed of God’s image.

“Wala nang pagkakaiba ang Judio at ang Griego, ang alipin at ang malaya, ang lalaki at ang babae—kayong lahat ay iisa dahil sa inyong pakikipag-isa kay Cristo Jesus.” Galatians 3:28

When God created the birds, the fishes, and all kinds of animals, He just commanded that they be and they came into existence. God could have done the same to human beings. God could just have said, “Let there be a man and there was Adam,” like what he did with other creatures but He didn’t. Instead the Scriptures tell us that He made us from dust, from mud or from clay. He fashioned us after His own image and after that He breathed into us His breath of life, His very own breath of life. What made us different from other creatures? Because we’re the only one made with God’s creative and personal touch.

Every artist knows what makes an art so precious; it’s not just the beauty of the art but how much the artist labored to create it. Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Michelangelo’s La Pieta were widely hailed not just because they were beautiful but because of the sweat, of the sacrifice of the painstaking effort of the artists who made them. In the same way God is the best artist of the entire universe, of the entire infinity and eternity, and His art-His creation nothing can compare. We are His magnum opus, His greatest masterpiece.

That is why our worth does not depend on how others look at us, we may have less in life, and others may look down on us but it cannot erase the fact that we are His precious one.




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