Father Zakaria Boutros (a Coptic Orthodox Priest and Apologist)

Anchor: Let’s return to Ahmad Deedat’s book ‘ Ata Al-Jihad,’ and discuss some illogical absurdities that this book of his attributed to the Bible, such as the issue of eating feces and drinking urine. This is an ugly topic but what is your opinion?

Father Zakaria: He handpicked a number of issues in order to criticize the Bible for discussing such ugly matters. But he forgot to mention that these words were said by Rabshakeh, who commanded the army of the Israelite’s enemies. The translator of the Bible wrote the same thing: “The leader of the Assyrian kingdom threatened the people of God and told them: ‘The men who sit on the wall are doomed to eat their own excrement and to drink their own urine.’

Look at the term used the Bible- “their excrement.” But this man (Deedat) wants to portray it in an ugly manner, and this is why he used an expression that is dirty. It was the commander of the enemy army who said this, but Deedat failed to mention this. He just quoted it like that. Why? In order to delude naïve Muslims that the Bible orders the eating of feces and the drinking of urine. This is very strange. This is falsifying, lying and deceiving. They should know the extent of the lies and deceit of their great scholar. But I think that what Deedat said served to cover up a disaster or a scandal in Islam itself, so that no one would criticize it.

Anchor: What disaster or scandal?

Father Zakaria: This scandal appears in Bukhari’s compilation of hadiths, no less. “Some people got sick, and the Prophet ordered them to go to his camel herd, and to drink from their milk and urine.” He told them to drink from their milk and urine. “So they drank milk and urine until their bodies were healed. They killed the shepherds and stole the camels. The Prophet sent for them and they were brought before him, and he cut off their hands and feet, and hammered nails into their eyes.”

He hammered hot nails into their eyes. “..until they bit the ground in pain.” In order to cover up the scandal of drinking camel urine, (Deedat) blames the Bible for saying the same thing? This is very strange.

Why does Deedat mention Samson and the woman he fornicated with? In order to cover up a scandal in the life of Muhammad.

Anchor: What scandal?

Father Zakaria: A scandal…I prefer not to use my own words so I wont be accused of offending the Prophet. I am quoting from books. In Ibn Kathir’s interpretation of the Qur’an, which can be found in the internet on islam.com. In his interpretation of the following verse from the Al-Tahrim chapter: “ O Prophet, why do you forbid yourself from that which Allah had made lawful to you, seeking the pleasure of your wives? Allah is most forgiving…”

Anchor: You are talking about what Muhammad did in Hafsa’s bed.

Father Zakaria: Yes, that’s what I’m trying to say. Bravo. Hafsa, the mother of the believers, the wife of Muhammad, went to visit her father one day. This was “her day”-meaning the day Muhammad is with her. When the Prophet arrived and didn’t find her at home, he sent for his slave girl, Maria the Copt, and slept with her in Hafsa’s house. When Hafsa came home, she found him this way. “This way” means she caught him red-handed. She cried: “O Messenger of God is this what you do in my own house and on my own day?” He replied: “She is forbidden to me. Don’t tell anyone about it.”

I am reading this from Al-Bayhaq. I am not making this up. He (Muhammad) said: “She is forbidden to me, don’t tell anyone.” But Hafsa went to ‘Aisha and told her. Then Allah delivered the verse: “O Prophet, why do you forbid yourself that which Allah has made lawful to you?”

The Al-Nisa chapter of the Qur’an, verse 24 reads: “As for those whom you receive pleasure, pay them their dues.” Enjoy the women and pay them. Do my dear Muslims understand the meaning of these words? What is the difference between this and a whorehouse?



  1. So sad…. I read several booklet of Ahmed Deedat. One booklet I can’t forget is: Crucifixion or Cruci-fiction? From that booklet, Deedat stood by what an islamic apologist stands that Jesus the Christ was not crucified nor be killed (Surah 4:157-158). It also led me to study what were written in their holy book. I thank Deedat for his work, thru him I filtered the truth from the conjectures. I am more convince that Christianity is better than Islam.

  2. Int he words of Muhammad: =E2=80=9CBe good to women; for they are powerless cpieavts (awan) in yo= ur households. You took them in God=E2=80=99s trust, and legitimated your sexual relations with the Word of God, so come to your senses people, and hear my words =E2=80=9D He told them that they were enti= tled to discipline their wives but should do so with kindness.We see how well that is being followed.The reason that images are Muhammad are not to be shown is to prevent Muhammad from being worshiped instead of Allah.I do not worship Muhammad, not do I worship Matthew, they may have been men of faith, but they were men first.

  3. Muhammad was not a prophet. Only the Muslims claim him as a prophet. Muhammad raped and killed and committed every possible horrible sin. I have not committed rape and murder or those sins that Muhammad committed. Am I not morally superior to him? Why should I follow a man who committed those crimes? When a Muslim asked me to convert to Islam, I asked him this question? He hemmed and hawed and couldn’t answer me straight.

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