This news was very late already. Sa Binisaya pa, pan-os  na kayo. I just found a picture of this activity lately and thought of publishing it here together with the news published in our Cordial magazine.


“Enhancing talents through preserving native culture.”

This was the theme of the Socio-cultural show held at the Cor Jesu Seminary Basketball Court last November 27, 2009. A tribal dance contest which was participated in by the five BECs (Basic Ecclesiastical Community) highlighted the celebraton. The contest is the first of its kind in the seminary.

Carrying the highlight of the show Sem. Ian in his "inug-og" dance craze.

The CJS choir rendered the doxology which signaled the program to start. Sem. Edgar Bulat-ag, the seminary’s Senate president, formally opened the program and welcomed the visitors in his opening remarks. He explained that the senate had come up with such a contest to challenge the youth in practicing and keeping our native culture. He said that the youth today would consider ethnic dances as “corny” because they are greatly influenced by modern dance culture like Hip Hop.

Despite the lack of time to practice the BECs showed what knowledge and skills they have when it comes to native culture. The different native dance presentations surprised and delighted the audience. “I never though the seminarians could do those things” commented Joy Ang, one of the lay professors. Fr. Joel Agad, the seminary’s Dean of Studies, said “it was the best cultural show so far this year.”

The BEC of Anaximander was declared the champion with its interpretation of Tribal Dance. The second place went to Heraclitus’ Tribung Mangingisda followed by Thales’ Pangasi, Anaximenes’ Subanen and Democritus’ Manukan.

Meanwhile, the Recycle contest entries were showcased during the cultural night. Sem. Lowell Quezon was adjudged winner.



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