The first pictures of this film feature our dear Cor Jesu Seminary, the chapel, our seminary bus-I bet it’s already a century old but still no sign of wearing out…

And then, there’s a picture of my family and relatives when they accompanied me during my entrance to the seminary…usa ka batalyon sa akong mga maunongong sumusunod…hehehe

Plus pictures during our outing in Oroquieta City and of our different activities in the seminary such as Intramurals Lit-Mus contest where I was the vocalist (I don’t care if I’m trying hard), Socio-Cultural Night where it’s my first time to wear a bahag-diri ra ko nakaakog suot….

I also featured pictures of our batch-the Humilitas Batch, the one where we wore black shirt….

And most importantly, pictures during our Investiture Ceremony when we received our sotanas and surplices…

At the end of the video clip were pictures of St. Mary’s Theologate where we will spend another five years for our study of theology, God willing.

And lastly, pictures where all of us seminarians formed a heart in our seminary lawn.



  1. hallo musta na…. winsel here…… hehehehehe musta abng life sa semenaryo? may pa mo hehehehehe ako unya na ko sulod 2 yrs ps gkan karon.. i have to settle pa sa akong family…. im praying for you…. and Nelvin….. Godbless…..! 09394070090 mao ni ako number bag.o….

  2. Ayos! bro.. Nice presentations. You’re blessed by God. Please continue to be one with Him.,Merry Christmas and Happy New Year..God gave us ample of blessings and these will be nothing if just taken for granted. You never neglect them, you use them and even love them.Hope you’ll remain in Christ, to Christ and with Christ..God speed..

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