Holy Spirit Mass and Community Outing

June 15, 2010

We had our Holy Spirit Mass with Bishop Jose Manguiran as the presider. This Mass is done as a kick off start for the school year and to invoke the Holy Spirit to help, guide and enlighten the seminarians as we again go back to studies.

Bishop's homily during our Holy Spirit Mass

After the Mass, we had our community outing and initiation for the neophytes in Sicayab. Eighteen new individuals joined the community and they will be spending one year of formation as  pre-collegians. Currently, Cor Jesu Seminary has 75 seminarians as compared to 82 last year.

Cor Jesu Seminary Community 2010
Humilitas Batch (4th year) with the formators
Another pose for the 4th year batch
Fearing the unknown....The neophytes at the start of their initiation.
Hala bira!
Posing kay walay bayad!

11 thoughts on “Holy Spirit Mass and Community Outing

  1. Yap, naa na pero dili jud siya ingon nga grabe…Naa lay psywar gamay and then the rest of the initiation is just a sort of a game…Pero kumpara atong amo last year, mura’g level up ning sa ila karon…

    1. God bless pod diha sa UST bro…unta ug maggama ug website ang acad. com…But I’ll continue to make updates here….

  2. hello,
    musta na? c nelvin kay nisulod na sa benedictine sa malaybalay naa cya monastery of transfiguration, please pray for me bro, kay musunod ko niya karong november…… God bless.

    1. My prayers are with you, and I hope you will be able to bear whatever challenges and hardships that you will meet as you advance in formation.
      I too have met some instances that disheartened and discouraged me, but you do not build your world around these people or incidents, you build your world around your God.
      Please pray for me also. I need the prayers of our Church’s future monk-priests. GOD BLESS!

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