Long time no post

Just in case there are those who care about this blog, although I myself am doubtful if ever  there are, well I just want to explain my long absence from the blogging world . One of the reasons is that I’m having my exposures for this semester. First, I had my rural pastoral exposure at Selinog Island, Dapitan City. I didn’t expect to find any internet cafes there, so I just contented myself taking pictures  of the place which I posted here. And then, I  also had my fisherfolk exposure at Laoy, Olingan, Dipolog City. Though one could expect a lot of netcafes in the city, the nearest one we usually go  to is four kilometers from our place.  So we seldom go there, and I can’t find time to collect thoughts to write. So there, if ever someone cares to read this, at least you know the reason.

This coming January, we will be having our third and final round of exposure,  our job exposure. At this moment, I still don’t know what work to apply for.  I thought of applying as street sweeper (metro aide), a challenge for myself maybe, but I don’t know where to apply. I also thought of applying as data encoder, or as teacher, or anything, even laborer. For the moment, these are just thoughts, the real thing will unfold this coming January.

I’m still serious about being a metro aide though.



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