Rocking Passionist priests

As I surfed the net, I unexpectedly landed into a website maintained by Traditionalist Catholics There were many articles in this site which essentially are criticisms of the Novus Ordo Mass and I think of the Catholic Church as well. One of the articles that caught my attention was the one entitled Rocking Passionist Priests. In it were shown pictures of Passionist seminarians described as “dancing to a pulsating rock song alongside the lay people assisting at the Mass.” It also added further that “It is an example showing how the seriousness that should be present in following the renewal of the Sacrifice of Calvary was abandoned in the New Church.”

They provided a link to the actual video which I followed and surprisingly, I found out the description of the video which says that “the background music is not really the actual song used during the event. this is actually an action song prior to a lenten talk given by passionist priests to energize the faithful…”

So here, there are actually two facts which were wrongly provided by the article. First, that this happened within the Mass. It’s not, it happened prior to a Lenten talk. Second, that they were dancing to a pulsating rock song. Again it’s not, they were dancing  to an action song to energize the faithful prior to the talk.

I too agree that proper seriousness and solemnity must be present in following the celebration of the Eucharist as the article asserted. However, I hope they would take time to provide the actual facts.


5 thoughts on “Rocking Passionist priests

  1. While the fact that this type of “extra-ordinary” service did not, in this instance, take place during a New Mass, it is a very common happening here in the United States.

    The website you mentioned or referenced that contained the material does not attack the Catholic Church, but rather those who are attempting to undermine the Catholic Church from within. The Catholic Church will last until the end of time as Our Lord Himself promised. It just might happen of course that, as He also said, few would have the faith.

    The sad thing for both those afflicted with the heresy of modernism, as well as so many souls who leave the Church to find “other roads” to heaven, is that they are seeking “other lights” and abandon Jesus, the true light who enlightens all who come into this world. Christ founded one true Church, not many splinters that teach varying doctrines.

    1. They did not attack the Catholic Church?…You listen to a Catholic Faith Defender (kind of Karl Keating in the US) here in the Philippines (who recently turned Traditionalist) attack the New Mass and the Pope and how he stirred the listening public. It becomes confusing sometimes.

      I think I should become an Orthodox Christian.

  2. Dear Friend:

    All through the centuries the Church (of which Our Lord promised the gates of hell shall not prevail against) has battled storms that mostly came from those inside. The Protestant “Reformation” for example was headed up by mostly former priests who became apostates. Entire parts of the Church lost the faith and became protestors, or Protestants.

    The pope is the head of the Church, and that’s how Christ founded it. However, the pope might be weak at times just as poor St. Peter who we know, shortly after, denied HisLord three times.

    “Orthodox” is not the answer: for which one? They are each seperate from one another and differ in dogma: some deny purgatory, some the Immaculate Conception and the Assumption and at least in USA, they seem to permit “canonical divorce” so they don’t believe in marriage as Christ and His Church taught. The Orthodox are and remain “national” churches that reach a particular group and so forth. The fact is, as history attests to, that all of the East was subject to Rome and Rome “spoke” and they listened. Because of politics, jealously, eventually turned into heresy…they rejected the petrine office and removed themselves from the Church.

    The Church remains and teaches, offers the Holy Sacrifice. Pope Paul VI spoke of the smoke of satan coming in. The problems with the “New Mass” and the false teachigns we see coming from some quarters now only means that we must take modernism seriously before it destroys the faith of many more souls.

    If you would like reading materials on these topics, especially about the claims of the “Orthodox” please let us know and they will be sent to you freely.

    On a side note: look at the Philippines. This was a country where Catholicism flourished. Now, many sects: Aglipayan (who come from the Masons) and Iglesia Ni Cristo and many others. Why is that? Why are Catholics not learning the faith and defending the faith? What happened to the hierarchy there?

    with prayers

  3. Be assured of my fidelity to the Catholic Church.

    I don’t know if extreme traditionalists are still faithful to the Church, though.

    1. Honest? All those fine things are alibvaale somewhere on the Internet for them that likes’em and I do. I read blogs and subscribe to the feeds to read the stories, slices of life, wisdom and personal insight and the like of individual blog authors.Just one opinion but there wasn’t a section in the poll to indicate this 🙂 so I offer the comment.I’ve been enjoying your blog as is.

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