When The World Would Really End?

Michael Stifel

Oct 3 1533 – Michael Stifel, a German associate of Martin Luther, urged his small band of followers to sell all their property after becoming convinced by his mathematical study of the Bible that the end of the world was approaching. On the appointed day he led his followers to the top of a hill so they could be delivered to heaven. A few hours later, with the world very much intact, he hurried down the hill and had to be locked in a local prison for his own protection.

William Miller

Oct 22 1844 – Millerites, followers of the American Baptist preacher William Miller, became convinced that the end of the world had been predicted in Daniel 8:14. After a few false dawns, the date was set as Oct 22 1844. That day is now known, for obvious reasons, as the Great Disappointment. Most Millerites subsequently rejected their faith.

Joseph Smith, Jr.

1891 or before: On 1835-FEB-14, Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon church, attended a meeting of church leaders. He said that the meeting had been called because God had commanded it. He announced that Jesus would return within 56 years — i.e. before 1891-FEB-15. (History of the Church 2:182)

Charles Taze Russell

1914 – Jehovah’s Witnesses have now stopped predicting exact dates for the end of the world after a string of high-profile failures. Charles Taze Russell, who founded the Watch Tower magazine, calculated that Jesus Christ would impose his rule on earth in 1914. The outbreak of the First World War seemed to lend support to his Armageddon prediction, but there was no Second Coming.

Charles Manson

1969 – Charles Manson believed that simmering racial tensions in the US would erupt into an Apocalyptic race war, after which his band of criminals – the “Manson Family” – would rule the world. When no race war erupted, his gang began a killing spree to “show the blacks how to do it”. Manson is currently serving life for murder.

Hal Lindsey

1980s – The US evangelist Hal Lindsey believed that Armageddon would follow the expansion of the EU into a 10 country United States of Europe ruled by the Antichrist. He never set a date for the end of the world but hinted that a final battle between good and evil was imminent. He still broadcasts his biblical prophecies on evangelist networks.

Harold Camping

2011. Harold Camping, Camping, president of the Family Radio Christian network, claimed the Bible as his source and said May 21 would be the date of the Rapture and the day of judgment “beyond the shadow of a doubt”. Camping suggested that it would occur at 6 p.m. local time, with the rapture sweeping the globe time zone by time zone,while some of his supporters claimed that around 200 million people (approximately 3% of the world’s population) would be raptured.

 Source: wikipedia.com, religioustolerance.com, davidbattrick.wordpress.com

4 thoughts on “When The World Would Really End?

  1. Charles Taze Russell was never a member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses organization. Russell did not believe in such an organization, nor did he believe in the Armageddon message that is preached by that organization.

    From 1904 onward, Russell was expecting, not that Christ’s rule would bring peace in 1914, but that 1914 would see the beginning of the time of trouble. Russell died in 1916 still holding to belief that the time of trouble had begun in 1914. I also believe that the time of trouble did begin in 1914, and that it may continue for several more decades, until peoples have learned the lesson of vanity apart from God.

    Russell never was expecting Christ to return in 1914, so to say that “there was no second coming” in 1914 is irrelevant to what Russell believed and taught.

    Russell, however, disclaimed being a prophet, and never claimed to be the spokesperson of any religious organization, such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses. The JW organization did not exist while he was living.

    See my website for proof of the above:

  2. I Believe That Our World Will End Someday But Before It Take Place The Earth Will Be Consumed And De
    stroyed By Catastrophe Disaster And Increase In Knowledge And Warfare And It Will Happen As Jesus Pr
    edicted And Prophesied About The End Of Days And His Final Return To Earth And The End Of The World
    And It Might Not Be In Our Lifetime But Will Happen To Our Future Generation As Everything As We Know
    It Will End As God Will Plan The End Of Time!

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