I’m a Hesitant Writer


To tell you frankly, I am not really good in writing, I even feel a little frustrated whenever I read an article which happens to be eloquently written that I sway along with its verbal rhythm. I feel frustrated because I know I can’t write the way others do. Call it envy if not frustration, I don’t care. But I do write anyway.

I write because I want to tell something, I want to share my feelings, I want to speak up my mind, and I want to share a thought. When others are not amenable to listening to me anymore, I write. It’s more comfortable to write ‘coz papers do not complain and they always need someone to fill up their pages. I don’t know if I have filled that many pages yet, but one thing I’m sure of, I already have expressed many feelings since I’ve started writing. So now let’s go back to my frustration, what kind of writings engenders such a feeling in me? Whenever I read a story so beautifully written that I cry and laugh and go crazy along with it, whenever I read an informative article which could prompt me to spend extra hours to memorize its important points, and whenever I read an editorial which in the end send me nodding in agreement or disagreement. There’s a power in every written masterpieces.

Whether or not I have that power, I’m not sure and I do not know. There are persons whose writings altered the history of the world. Karl Marx’s writings preceded the Cold War which posed a very grave threat to world security. There are persons whose writings change the course of a person’s life. I have heard of a person who was so negative about life until he read Bo Sanchez’s inspirational works. And there are also persons who just write and write and never influencing other’s lives. I think I belong to this; my writings were not that powerful enough to influence someone’s life other than my own. But I do write anyway even if there are a lot of people who are far better than me. After all, for as long as my writings serve as a gateway of my feelings and thoughts, there’s no stopping punching letters to my keyboard.


4 thoughts on “I’m a Hesitant Writer

  1. even though you may not give the best word for them to remember.,,, as long as the words you wrote have SENSE then it is already Worth reading for,,,

    dont worry my friend,, it is not about how you construct a sentence,, it is about what kind of information you want to share and surely it will be effective if you will use your heart to do it…

    have a nice day!!!! 🙂

  2. I also have that feeling…
    But when envy or frustration consumes me I’ll fight back by telling “we’ll we are born story tellers bitaw”…

    thanks 4 sharing…

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