Freaky Cannibalism in Modern Day Japan

The country that introduced raw fish, ramen noodles and pocky to the world has a new taste sensation. Cannibalism is the newest trend to sweep across Japan. But they aren’t killing anyone to get the meat. They are getting it from hospitals.

Chef Hitoshi Ueda of the restaurant named Long Pig said, “We use human fat from liposuction clinics to make simple dishes, like fried rice. Then I might add a few small pieces of meat, like the kind that might come from a nose job or a finger amputation. That is served with vegetables. That costs about 100,000 yen.” He said. “If I can get a large piece, like a whole leg, I might cure it to make ham or grill it to make a steak. That might cost as much as much as a million yen.” When asked about the taste he said, “It varies from person to person.”

A representative of the Japanese Ministry of Food Purity and Safety said, “The meat is closely regulated and inspected. No diseased meat is used. Inspectors also insure that all the pieces of meat come from medically necessary surgeries. No one is allowed to just cut off an arm or leg and sell it for profit. We also don’t allow imports or the use of meat from dead people. We must be certain that no tainted meat is served.”


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