Obama: America’s First Atheist President


Jan. 21, 2009 — During the televised inauguration on Tuesday, much was made of Mr. Obama taking the Oath of Office using the Bible that President Lincoln used during his inauguration. This was done to stifle fears that Mr. Obama’s supposed Christian faith was merely a calculated ruse to hide his Muslim-Atheist leanings. However, things were not as they seemed.

Mr. Obama, who is known for his oratory skill, managed to befuddle Chief Justice John Roberts by “accidentally” interrupting him before he could finish saying the opening line. This caused the Oath to be recited incorrectly by both Chief Justice Roberts and Mr. Obama, meaning that Mr. Obama was not officially sworn in that day. Instead, the official swearing-in ceremony was conducted in near-secrecy the next night (Jan. 21) in the White House Map Room. Only this time, Mr. Obama did not use a Bible! According to the AP article: “The president said he did not have his Bible with him, but that the oath was binding anyway.”

While directives for the use of a Bible are neglected in the Constitution, all presidents since George Washington have been sworn in on the Word of God. Mr. Obama, by not using a Bible, has become the first Atheist President. Thus we begin slouching towards Secularism.





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