Another World Like Earth

The newly found planet K22-B

                I think I found a new interest.  TV Patrol just recently announced the news that a new planet has been found which like Earth could probably be habitable. After hearing the news, I then rushed to the computer room to see for myself how the news is circulating in the internet. The new planet is named K22-B and is found to be revolving around a star like our sun. It lies in what they call as the habitable zone, having a distance which is neither too far nor too close from the sun and in a temperature where liquid water could exist – one of the basic ingredients of life. After knowing these facts, I then proceeded to inquire about its distance from our earth and I found this; its distance is a stunning 600 light years away from our earth. What’s the equivalent of each light year? Another stunning 5.9 trillion miles! Such distance is beyond my mind’s capacity to imagine. And what if man would try to reach it using space shuttle? At such distance, it would probably take 22 million years to get there. Even if we will let a newborn baby undertake such a mission, he can’t still be able to get there alive. Besides, I think Christ will already have his second coming by that time.

                But what really triggered my interest on this matter is how the scientists were able to calculate its size, its speed, its distance, and its temperature, among other things. So once again, I made my research. To determine whether a heavenly body is a planet, scientists have to detect what they call “transits.” It is when a body crosses a star and thereby producing a small change in the star’s brightness which could be detectible by a telescope. In order for a body to qualify as a planet, it must make transits at least thrice in a uniform manner, interval and speed.  Once detected, scientists could now start calculating its size and in doing this, they use Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion. So once again, I made a research about Kepler’s Laws and after reading it, I think my mind has reached an edge. I just cannot understand the mathematical formulas presented there. For those who do not know, I consistently slogged in our Math lessons during my high school days and even failed in my Math 1 subject when I was in college. This isn’t my field and unexpectedly my new interest has come to an unnecessary end.

                Let’s bring this talk to a theological level. Someone asked in the internet; “In the beginning,” did God create this planet too? I think the one who asked this is an agnostic if not an atheist, but anyway, the answer is yes. This earth-like planet is indeed a creation of God which he created in the beginning. Although the rest of the verses in the creation account as recorded in Genesis talked about the earth, nevertheless it started with this (Genesis 1:1), “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Notice the word heavens, what is referred to as heavens there? We can continue in verse 14, “I command lights to appear in the sky…” What is this light? It’s the sun and those bodies which we can see in the sky comprising what is called as the heavens. What we can see here on earth are just the stars because they are the only ones that glitter during night time, but as science would tell us, many of these stars have planets that are revolving around them which we cannot see from earth with our naked eyes. When the Bible tells about the heavens being created, it comprises all the heavenly bodies which produce light and those bodies which are included in their planetary systems – even K-22B.

                Finally, let’s bring this to a reflection. Is it really possible that a planet like our own exists somewhere out there which by the recent discovery could seem to be likely, and is it possible for this planet to contain life, not just primary forms of life but even human life? The possible answer is maybe, but the safest is I don’t know. There’s no way to find out, what we only have at this moment are speculations. We may be amazed at every new discovery but after that we cannot definitely conclude. Just as our search for the meaning of life in this world is elusive, our search for life in another world is also elusive. But something here is a little bit fishy, haven’t you asked yourself how ironic it is that while we search for life somewhere in a planet out there, we are destroying lives in our planet out here? Many unborn babies die every year due to abortion in the same country which is currently undertaking massive campaigns for the search of life in outer space. Why is this happening, is America tired of humanity and so it is now desperate to find another alien race? Without a sense of meaning of the life we have on earth, our search for life in outer space would also be devoid of meaning except that of feeding our fantasies – fantasies which the world finds difficult to outgrow.

                And a fantasy which the world could never outgrow even if it finds another planet.


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