To the eyes of the world, the Church has become the only remaining bastion of impracticality. This wouldn’t surprise me so much since in almost all sphere of human endeavor, practicality has been the underlying reason. Take marriage for example, while there are those who marry for truly romantic reasons, there are a growing number of those who have married for purely pecuniary consideration. Marriage is viewed as an opportunity to effect material success. This would not be too difficult to observe when in many corners one can see a very young lady with a very old hubby in tow (and mostly foreigners).

          Now this practicality is yet again to be tested in view of the world’s population problem. A very “practical” solution has been proposed which the Church has long before opposed. Just take a pill or insert something into somewhere and do your stuff. No hassle, easy to use. Isn’t it very practical? But practicality is not what the Church is in mind. Practicality is a very dangerous path to pursue. It would lead us to anywhere. It would take away our direction. And worse, it would snatch us away from our ultimate end – i.e God. Every true marriage starts with love and love is not just a product of instinct, attraction and emotion. Love should be willed, it is a product of willing. A love that is willed is a love which is open to all the possibilities which entails such love. No one would marry thinking of the possibility of not bearing a child. God has designed it to every living creatures. It would be an overbearing blasphemy for man to stand in the way of God’s design.

            The document Humane Vitae reminds us all that the value of human life is indispensable. It also opens us to the dangers of “contraceptive mentality” and its unlikely effect in the field of human sexuality. Contraception would take away responsibility in the act of physical union. It would create a mindset which would unconsciously reduce man’s body to an insatiable sex machine needing constant feeding.

           I firmly believe that the Church in promulgating this document is carrying the whole world in her shoulders. It is true that the Church in this respect seems to be impractical and that it counters the culture of modern man. But that’s what the Church is, Jesus and His band of disciples were going against the fad of their times, the Christian movement in its nascent beginning was a countercultural movement. They paddled their way against the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the Romans and the pagan Greeks. Now the Church finds itself in the same situation, paddling her way against the indifference of modern secular society which eschews the spiritual aspect of marital union. There maybe be lots of bumps ahead but the Church should keep paddling. After all, she is the last bastion of life in this modern world.


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