About Me

Just call me Quinz,that’s how my classmates call me. You can also call me Yun, that’s how I am known at home. A man with many names- I kinda wear names like dresses. I have a name at home, at school, at work and a name each for my four textmates…hehehe…
But no matter how many names you call me-I remain to be the same person that I am. “Kulungo’g utok” daw, though I don’t seem to concede but that’s how they characterize people born in the month of February-the month of love…hehe..It’s ironic though to suppose that the month of love produces people with undefined personality.
But anyway,just try to decide.

At the cliff...The place you should be when you want to be with nature..
At the cliff…The place you should be when you want to be with nature..

At one point I’m known to be so serious, I’m also known to be so quiet, and yet at school I’m known to speak a lot, and with my close friends I laugh a lot. It still holds true, “There’s a foolish corner in the brain of the wisest man.”

During our post-graduation outing at Tinago Falls..With me are KC and Edz...
During our post-graduation outing at Tinago Falls..With me,  KC and Edz…

12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey, I thought I’d drop by your blog site, too! Finally I see your face through your pictures here. Is it true you plan to enter priesthood? (gathered data from Plaridelians’ comments in my site). This website ain’t amateurish at all. Great content!

  2. Hi!!! Thanks for dropping by…and so you saw my pictures.hehehe…I just pray it didn’t turn your stomach out…hehehe….
    Yes, I’m planning to enter the priesthood,this coming June is my entrance day…Pray for me! GOD BLEZ!

  3. For your patience and kindness, for your invaluable advices and devotion, please, accept my deep appreciation, my friend.

  4. Hi! I’m glad to see that B. Eli is on your top 5 favorite preachers. I’m just curious why you said that you disagree with many of his doctrines? Have you ever attended or heard the indoctrination sessions of their Church? Cause if you ever had the chance to listen to it your doubts about the doctrines he is preaching would be erased. Maybe you only had the chance of listening to him through his television and radio broadcasts, the things he discusses there are only the basics, there are still many things he doesn’t reveal on air. These things he convey only to their congregation… I hope you will have a chance to further study the doctrines of Member of the Church of God International…. Good Day!

  5. Hi Quinzo, Wow I’ve found you here. I just wanna say that your blog title: “Taman sa mahunahunaan really amzed me. I kinda ROFL with it. Your posts are fun to read too. Keep blogging dude..

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