A Seminarian Is Never Right

If he laughs, they say he is never serious about life:
If he doesn’t, then he is trying to carry the whole world on his back,
If he cries, he is overly sentimental;
If he doesn’t, he is insensitive to the max,
If he drinks, he is a drunkard;
If he doesn’t, he is indifferent,
If he wears plain clothes, he’s very informal, without class;
If he dresses up for an occasion, he is too mundane,
If he has girl friend, he’s not a good seminarian;
If he doesn’t, then he is not a true man,
If he seen reading a book, he’s a boring nerd of some kind;
If he isn’t, he’s dumb, there’s nothing in his mind
If he’s kneeling in the church, he must have grown wings;
If he’s not, he has no prayer life,
If he reasons out, he is rebellious, full of alibis;
If he remains silent, he has no principles, without a spine,
A seminarian’s life is never easy for perseveringly’
He answers the call whether or not he si chosen at all,
While in the seminary, they tell him he’s meant for other things;
But when he leaves the seminary for good… everybody wonders why?



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